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Casey Reps
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  • (Outside Sales) - Illinois / NW Indiana
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    (Outside Sales) - Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, and Kansas
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  • Todd Newton
    (Outside Sales) - Missouri and Kansas
  • Kevin McCurdy
    (Outside Sales) - Missouri and Kansas

Advanced Cable Ties

Advanced Cable Ties, Inc. is a worldwide supplier of Electrical and Wire Management products. Advanced Cable Ties is also a growing supplier of installation and removal tools, split loom and spiral cut tubing, wire connectors and terminals, and cable clamps.

Company Website: https://www.advancedcableties.com/

Advanced Cable Ties Product Lines

Miniature – 18 Lb Series, Intermediate – 40 Lb Series, Standard – 50 Lb Series, Light Heavy Duty – 120 Lb Series, Heavy Duty – 1 75 Lb Series, Extra Heavy Duty – 250 Lb Series, Mil-Spec, Colors, Convenience Packaging

Mounting Hole Series, Releasable – Extended Pawl & Tab, Push Mount & Push Mount Wing, Identification & Flag Ties, Id Plates, Air Handling, Air Handling Mounting Hole, Beaded, Tote Box, Double Head,

Nylon 12 – Solar, Cold Weather, Heat Stabilized, Impact Resistant, Metal Detectable, Stainless Steel – Uncoated & Coated

Removal, Installation / Tension

Mounting Bases, Mounts, Clamps

Split loom, Spiral Wrap

Terminals & Wire Connectors


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