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Manufacturers Representative for
  • Illinois / NW Indiana
  • Central Illinois
  • Wisconsin
  • UP of Michigan
  • Iowa
  • Nebraska
  • Missouri
  • Kansas

Casey Reps
  • Jeff Casey
    (Outside Sales) - Illinois / NW Indiana, Central Illinois, Wisconsin, UP of Michigan, Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, and Kansas
  • Gabe Galindo
    (Outside Sales) - Illinois / NW Indiana
  • Johnny Panicola
    (Outside Sales) - Illinois / NW Indiana
  • Jack Park
    (Outside Sales) - Central Illinois
  • Matt Johnson
    (Outside Sales) - Wisconsin and UP of Michigan
  • Neil Murray
    (Outside Sales) - Wisconsin
  • Pat Lawless
    (Outside Sales) - Wisconsin
  • Shawn Moeller
    (Outside Sales) - Iowa and Nebraska
  • Scott Merchant
    (Outside Sales) - Iowa and Nebraska
  • Steve Erdei
    (Outside Sales) - Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, and Kansas
  • Todd Newton
    (Outside Sales) - Missouri and Kansas
  • Kevin McCurdy
    (Outside Sales) - Missouri and Kansas
  • Joe Gervasio
    (Inside Sales) - Illinois / NW Indiana, Central Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Nebraska


Jan Fan is a leading manufacturer of industrial fans that include: pedestal, wall & ceiling fans, I-beam / c-channel fans, floor fans, bench fans and the energy-saving module. Their heavy-duty industrial fans are considered the automotive and heavy industry standard. Since 1958, Jan Fan has been manufacturing industrial and commercial fans that are extremely energy efficient and built to last. Each of our fans comes with a standard 5-year warranty.

Company Website: https://janfan.com/

JanFan Product Lines


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