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nVent CADDY Prefab Solutions

nVent CADDY Prefab Solutions saves contractors time and money by simplifying the ordering and installation process. Our proven method eliminates pre-construction administration costs, many on-site assembly tasks, excess inventory of components and sourcing related issues of spot buying and partial shipments, while significantly reducing scrap and re-work costs.

If you are an interested contractor or Casey distributor, please contact Ryan Glisson for more information on CADDY's Prefab Solutions and Quick Ship Assemblies.

Solution A


Full Specifications and Drawings

Fully Engineered Prefab System (Product Delivered in Boxes by Floor, Unit, & Room #)

Solution B


CONTRACTOR PROVIDES: Assembly Specification (Device, Bracket, Ship Length, Box, etc)

nVent CADDY DELIVERS: Manufactured to Contractor Specifications


Direct Labor Savings

  • Solution is 90% complete when the system arrives
  • Delivery is direct to the job site as product is needed
  • Reduction of project management & overhead cost

Effective Use of Skilled Labor

  • Lower installation skill level required
  • Re-assignment of skill-sets
  • Layout and non-productive labor cost reduced

Elimination of Spot Buying

  • Everything is preassembled and shipped complete
  • Less material handling cost
  • Eliminate lost or missing items during install

Eliminate Wire and Cable Scrap

  • Material purchasing and tracking is reduced to one supplier
  • Reduction of cable and wire scrap
  • Product is released as the schedule requires

nVent CADDY prefab solutions are perfect for

  • Apartment & Condominiums
  • Hotels & Motels
  • Elderly & Assisted Living Facilities
  • Dormitories
Have you been awarded a project?

Interested in a Prefab Solution?

Contractors are welcome to contact Ryan Glisson for more information on CADDY Prefab Solutions or Quick Ship Assemblies.


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