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{NEW} RAB Aerobay

February 3, 2020
• Patent pending, retractable design reduces volume up to 60%
• Available in three sizes and eight lumen packages:
4 ft: 315W and 360W
3 ft: 215W and 275W
2 ft: 95W, 120W, 145W and 160W
• Passive infrared (PIR) sensor, Lightcloud® sensor, and Lightcloud® Controller options
• Battery backup offered for all 120-277V models
• 100,000-Hour LED lifespan
RAB 5 year Limited Warranty

You need space!
The AEROBAY’s cutting-edge, patent-pending, retractable design reduces volume by up to 60%, saving you a great deal of valuable shelf or cargo space.


Things keep getting better
The new generation of AEROBAYs are even more efficient — up to 142lm/W — and each size is offered in higher lumen packages. Its LED lifespan is now also double, making this an economy high bay family that delivers high-end performance

Maximized versatility
With 3 available sizes (including a new 3ft model) and 8 lumen packages, AEROBAYs were designed to replace up to 1000W MH and be mounted as high as 60 feet, making them ideal for use in warehouses and industrial applications.


Stand-alone or networked control.
AEROBAYs are available with either passive infrared motion sensor, a Lightcloud® Controller or Lightcloud® Sensor which both function with RAB’s commercial, wireless lighting controls system and service

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{NEW} nVent CADDY New Products January 2020

January 27, 2020

nVent CADDY TRUSS-T Bar Joist Hanger

  • Easily installs on the top or bottom chord of engineered open web bar joists from underneath, limiting overhead work
  • Innovative attachment effortlessly slides through the middle slot of open web bar joists and quickly locks into place when put under load
  • Installation of the complete, self-contained system can be accomplished with one hand and requires no additional special tools
  • The unique design of the nVent CADDY Truss-T hanger does not need to be tightened like a traditional beam clamp, providing greater adjustability and speed during system alignment


• Supports fans, fixtures and luminaires from ceilings
• Can also be used in stud wall applications to support sconces and electrical boxes
• Allows for infinite positions for box location
• Easy to adjust after the electrical box is installed
• Installs on wood beams or metal studs
• Requires only a screw gun to install


• Secures EMT, MC/AC, and flexible conduit between metal studs
• Innovative clip securely attaches to metal studs in pre-punched holes
• Roll-formed bar for increased strength and rigidity
• Use with nVent CADDY K-Series Cable/Conduit clips (sold separately) to create a universal part for securing conduit and cable
• Adjustable for non-standard stud spacing
• No tools required for installation
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Bridgeport E-Z LOCK® Connectors

October 16, 2019


Bridgeport’s patented E-Z LOCK® Connectors offers superior installation speed in both snap-in and locknut varieties. The low profile barrel design allows for fittings to be installed in tight and confined spaces.

For optimal speed, use the ASP line of E-Z LOCK® Connectors to snap into your knockout. When a traditional locknut installation is desired, use the 590 series, which comes with Bridgeport's Legendary, serrated and double-sided, locknut. Both series utilize a steel, 4 tabbed, inner locking device that make it easier to to push conductors through without damaging conductor insulation. E-Z LOCK® Connectors can easily be removed from the knockout.

Listed for use with AC / AC90 / ACG90 / MC / MCI-A / HCFMCI-A / MC-PCS / FMC Cable.

VIDEO: E-Z LOCK® Connectors Make Installation A Snap!

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{NEW} HPS Factory Installed Infrared Windows

September 9, 2019

Improved Efficiency For A Greener Tomorrow

HPS Sentinel® G general purpose distribution transformers are rated for 600 volts and below. They are generally used for supplying appliance, lighting, heating, motorized machine and power loads from electrical distribution systems.
  • Meets North American Efficiency Standards: U.S. - DOE 10 CFR Part 431 (DOE 2016); Canada - SOR/2018-201, (NRCan 2019) & ON Reg. 404/12
  • 60 Hz frequency (some 50 Hz)
  • Ratings from 15 to 333 kVA single phase and 15 to 1500 kVA three phase
  • An extensive standard offer complimented by a wide variety of custom products available
  • Copper and aluminum available
  • Standard 150 deg C temperature rise and 220 deg C insulation class
  • 10kV BIL on all HPS Sentinel G product
  • UL Listed, CSA Certified
  • Custom sizes, ratings and styles available upon request
  • Optional infrared windows available

NEW! Factory Installed Infrared Windows

Infrared windows are now available as an option on HPS Energy Efficient Distribution Transformers. This feature allows easy infrared thermal inspections of the transformer in critical power applications without the need to open or remove enclosure panels. Each enclosure is equipped with two 3 inch diameter windows on the cover panel.

Improved Safety
Mitigates the risk of injury to electrical workers who perform thermal inspections.

Downtime Reduced
The need to de-energize a transformer in order to perform inspections is decreased. The infrared windows allow visual inspections to be conducted easily.


Cost Effective
Pre-installed infrared windows reduce installation effort and time.


Immediate view of inside the enclosure without the need to remove any panels.

This video outlines the new pre-installed features of HPS' DOE 2016 and NRCan 2019 Compliant Product Lines. Watch today to learn how these new transformers can help save you time and money!

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Celebrating Made in the USA Products

July 2, 2019

Casey Electric Sales is proud to represent these American manufacturers and their MADE IN THE USA product lines.

Advanced Cable Ties Logo
ACT Cable Ties

ACT manufactures cable ties to be superior in strength using high-quality raw materials which are always inspected to ensure they meet our standards.

Territories: Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, UP of Michigan.

Anamet Logo

Type FG - Bacteria Inhibiting NSF Certified SEALTITE Flexible Conduit


Constructed of continuously interlocked hot dipped zinc galvanized steel core for exceptional crush and corrosion resistance. Flexible thermoplastic PVC jacket formulated for food and beverage applications per FDA CFR 21 and NSF 51 requirements. Jacket is easily cleaned and does not promote bacteria growth.

Type CW - Computer Blue Liquid-Tight Flexible Metal Conduit


Constructed of continuously interlocked hot dipped zinc galvanized steel core for exceptional crush and corrosion resistance. Approved for direct burial and in concrete trade sizes 3/8" through 3".

Territories: Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, UP of Michigan.

Bridgeport Logo

Mighty-Seal® Raintight Reducing Sealing Washers


Used when a concentric knockout breaks out larger than expected. Maintains NEMA 3R rating on listed enclosures. Includes one coated and one uncoated washer. Coated washer installs on the exterior of the box. Sunlight resistant.

Mighty-Move® Expansion Coupling Steel expansion coupling for IMC and Rigid Conduit


Low cost and easy to use. Assembles like a regular set screw coupling. Use to compensate plus or minus 2” lateral movement of conduit in dry locations.

Polyolefin Coated Steel Mighty-HoldTM Universal Clamp Straps


One piece clamp back and strap secures both cable and conduit. Secures EMT, Rigid, IMC, Metallic Liquid Tight, Nonmetallic Liquid Tight, FMC and Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 PVC conduit, as well as steel and aluminum AC/MC Cable.

Territories: Wisconsin, UP of Michigan.

Atkore Calbrite Logo

Stainless Steel Weatherproof Device Covers


Explosion Proof Sealing Fitting


Explosion Proof Union


In Use Covers

Territories: Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, UP of Michigan.

Atkore Calconduit Logo

EMT Elbows


EMT elbows are installed on conduit raceways for the interconnection of conduit runs and other fittings. Available in any degree of bend from 5° to 90°, and special radius.

Galvanized Rigid Conduit


Calconduit GRC can be installed indoors or outdoors, exposed or concealed, in all kinds of atmospheric conditions, and in hazardous location. It provides mechanical protection for the conductors while reducing Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) exposure and shielding against Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI).

Territories: Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, UP of Michigan.

Ericson Logo

Compact 50 Amp PDU

  • cETLus listed for U.S. and Canada
  • 50A input power
  • NEMA 3R in-use
  • Simplified handling, one hand carry
  • Reduced operational footprint
  • Anti-nuisance tripping design
  • Less maintenance vs. traditional 50A PDUs
  • Multiple panel configurations available
  • Multiple units are stackable
  • Patented enclosure design
  • Patented open neutral protection

1066 Oscar PDU

  • cETLus listed for U.S. and Canada
  • CS6375 twistlock 50A, 125/250V power inlet
  • Each 20A outlet is individually GFCI protected
  • CS6369 50A, 125/250V power outlet - daisy chain 2 boxes together

Territories: Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri

General Cable Logo
Carol Brand Logo

Carol Cord GenClean

Cables with a GenClean jacket permit organic remnants to be more readily removed in a wash cycle, which would substantially reduce the environmental conditions conducive to microbial growth.

Stabiloy Logo

Stabiloy Brand MC Cable with PVC Jacket

STABILOY Brand MC Cable with PVC jacket provides added durability, long-term reliability and installation security on your job site. PVC jacketed STABILOY Brand MC Cable can be direct buried, used in wet locations or encased in concrete.

Territories: Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, UP of Michigan.

nVent Caddy Logo



Snap to stud function makes installation fast and easy, saving time and increasing productivity. Self-leveling feature ensures the electrical box is always square to the stud, for a consistent and professional installation.





The Telescoping Strut Replacement is an innovative alternative to using traditional strut channels for trapeze or other support structures that accommodates standard strut fittings. This telescoping solution eliminates the need to handle and cut long lengths of strut to size. The bracket telescopes to the desired length and is locked in place by snapping closed a spring retainer clip.

Territories: Illinois

Mulberry Logo

Metal Wallplates

Mulberry is the largest manufacturer of metal wallplates for the electrical industry. Choose from over 40 finishes in painted metal, stainless steel, brass, and other materials. Standard, Princess, maxi, jumbo, or narrow.

Territories: Illinois, Wisconsin, UP of Michigan.

Remke Logo

In the Tuff-Seal family of Cord Connectors & Wire Mesh Grips customization means you can mix and match from our extensive selection of special materials, wire mesh, components, threading, custom packaging, kitting and private labeling to develop the wire management Cord Connectors & Wire Mesh Grips that meets your specific needs.




Solar LiquidTight


Stainless Steel


Anodized and Nickel Plated





Territories: Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri

Republic Wire Logo

Romex / NM-B Wire

Bare Copper Wire

Territories: Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, UP of Michigan.

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Big Beam Manufacturer

Casey Now Representing Big Beam

April 1, 2019
Big Beam Manufacturer

Casey Electric Sales, Inc. now represents Big Beam Emergency Systems, Inc. in Kansas and Missouri. Since 1938, Big Beam has manufactured top quality products designed for use in emergency situations. Big Beam’s product line includes emergency lighting, emergency EXIT signs, long lasting batteries and UPS backup systems. Big Beam offers a lifetime warranty on their products.

Big Beam Lighting

Emergency Lighting

Big Beam offers emergency lights for virtually any application: Commercial, Industrial, Special Use, NEMA, Remote Heads and Accessories.

Emergency EXIT Signs

Big Beam offers a full range of emergency exit lights that are Chicago Approved, Explosion Proof and/or Wet Location resistant.

Big Beam Exit Signs
Big Beam Batteries


Big Beam provides all the professional batteries needed for the long lasting operation of the battery assisted or battery powered products.

UPS Backup Systems

Big Beam produces Emergency Lighting inverters for indoor or outdoor use from low cost, single phase to the harsher industrial applications use.

Big Beam USP Backup Systems

80+ Years of Experience

Big Beam Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

Big Beam Full Line

Full Line Manufacturer

For more information on the Big Beam product line, please contact your Kansas or Missouri Casey Sales Representative.

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