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Manufacturers Representative for
  • Illinois / NW Indiana
  • Central Illinois
  • Wisconsin
  • UP of Michigan
  • Iowa
  • Nebraska

  • 2014 - Rep of the Year

Casey Reps
  • (Outside Sales) - Illinois / NW Indiana
  • (Outside Sales) - Illinois / NW Indiana
  • Jack Park
    (Outside Sales) - Central Illinois
  • Matt Johnson
    (Outside Sales) - Wisconsin and UP of Michigan
  • Neil Murray
    (Outside Sales) - Wisconsin
  • Pat Lawless
    (Outside Sales) - Wisconsin
  • Shawn Moeller
    (Outside Sales) - Iowa and Nebraska
  • Scott Merchant
    (Outside Sales) - Iowa and Nebraska
  • Steve Erdei
    (Outside Sales) - Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, and Kansas
  • (Inside Sales) - Illinois / NW Indiana, Central Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Nebraska

Anamet Electrical

Anamet Electrical, Inc. is the leading worldwide supplier of SEALTITEĀ® flexible wiring conduit. They are known for high quality wiring conduits used in applications ranging from machine tools, computer wiring, office furniture, nuclear power plants, mass-transit vehicles, military shielding and industrial construction.

Company Website: http://anacondasealtite.com/

Anamet Electrical Product Lines

Anaconda Sealtite: EFST, UA, EF, HTUA, OR, HC, ITCX, CW, ZHUA, EFL, MTC, DE-710, DSL, RWS, RWA, FineTech, NMUA Conduit and Connectors, CNP, NWC, Sheild Tite and Strip Wound.


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